Making It Work




This is my original draft of my tribal Julius Caesar look.  Believe it or not, it’s gotten even crazier since then.  I’ll be posting more pictures later!

This is a short post dedicated to the art of Making It Work. I find, at least for myself, that a few days before tech week and the beginning of tech week itself is where my work goes to die.  Especially as a member of a large ensemble.  I think this is true for a lot of actors.  We spend so much time getting our stuff together in rehearsal and coming up with cool ideas and staging and plots for our characters…and then we burn out.  It feels like the director isn’t watching us anymore, these rehearsals are taking forever, my legs hurt, I bruised my elbow in that fight, and when, dear God, WHEN do I get to eat???  

And so on.

I have been guilty of being pessimistic during the first three days of tech and not putting out as much work as I should have.  It can be so easy to screw around with your ensemble members on stage while the “real action” is going on in front of you.  But in the long run, this only makes you more negative about the show itself, and leads to a really disorganized picture for the audience.  Just because the director isn’t watching you isn’t a license to screw around! 

So last night, Liz and I decided to give it our all.  No matter what the other ensemble members were doing, we were going to go for it like it was opening night in every scene we took part in.  Did that make us look stupid in some scenes where other people weren’t expending any effort?

Sure did.

Did that matter to me? Not at all.

The truth to longevity in acting is that you have to work through whatever other shit is happening.  Having a bad day doesn’t mean I don’t go on, or do subpar work.  If anything, I just channel it in to whatever emotion is riling inside my character.

And the ensemble is just as important as the leads, because it takes everyone to make the world of the play.  What you do matters.
And sometimes…you just gotta make it work.



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