Happy Valentine’s Day, World!

ImageI will be spending my day waiting for Valentine’s packages from the family and the Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy), working on a Chekhov scene, and rehearsing for Caesar.  So romantic.  But hopefully at some point I will fit in a long, hilarious phone conversation with the guy (we’re getting really good at those…long distance probs), and watching a rom-com with a good friend after rehearsal.

No so secretly, I am obsessed with Valentine’s Day.  I believe in showing people you love them and care about them every day of the year, but when is it ever more prevelant than this special day? So I’m wearing pink, wishing everyone well, and sending lots of love into the universe.  Especially to my fellow BFAs, who I think sometimes need to know that they are worth it, that they are talented, and that they are beautiful…even more than regular people.

Sending love to you all, along with one of my favorite quotes on love from one of my favorite movies.


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