What’s In My Bag

What's In My Bag
I was inspired the other day while searching through my bag for my lip balm…which I had forgotten! How does that happen??? Panic ensued. I’d just left it at home, of course, but it made me think about the stuff that I carry that I need.  Intrinsic to my existence, as it were.  So here’s the list!
1. EOS Lip Balm
This stuff is true beauty. Yummy peppermint smell, amazing lip conditioning…I’ve even been known to rub it on my hands sometimes for a little dryness pick me up.
2. Notebooks
I love mini notebooks.  They basically hold my life.  I write down to-do lists, plans, goals, what I’m auditioning with, even little lines I want to use in stories.  I feel lost without something to write in!
3. Colorful gel pens
I’m very specific about my pen choices.  I know, weird.  But I write a lot, and I need it to feel right!  My current favorites are Papermate gel, and the random purple papermates I got in my stocking at Christmas (does Santa know me or what?)
4. Infinity Scarf
This is my new baby.  Mine has white ruffles and sparkles, and is the perfect thing to throw on when it’s cold, but not cold enough for my puffy jacket.  The weather here changes on a dime, so I love being prepared!
5. Vera Bradley Zip ID Case
I use this as my wallet, and it’s perfect for college use! Most of the time I don’t want to carry around a big clunky thing; I only care my IDs, cards, etc.  The little strap comes in handy when pulling it out from the depths of my bag, and the clear cover provides easy access to my student ID.
6. Water Bottle
This is essential to the BFA lifestyle.  We are talking live-or-die level.  The amount of water I drink now compared to high school is probably about four times as much, daily.  I don’t drink any other beverages besides coffee in the morning (and ok, the occasional orange juice), and try to force myself into having between two or three of these daily, plus water for lunch and dinner. Woof.  That’s a lot of hydration.  But with all of the running around and talking I’m doing, nothing creates energy or a healthier body than great hydration! This has been your neighborhood BFA PSA.

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