Winter Wonderland!!


Ah, my part of the country. The weather is, characteristically, undefinable.  A couple of days ago it was over sixty and sunny, and I wore shorts.  Today, it is raining/snowing/icing, and I’ve slipped in it twice.

The only poor thing about this weather is the fact that I don’t want to move.  I’ve already walked around in it a bunch, and it is MISERABLE.  I would love to curl up in bed with a cup of cocoa, and, most likely, my Chekhov homework, with some good music, and RELAX.

Actually today would probably consist of getting my life together, regarding school/rehearsals/Valentines/life in general.  That would be amazing.  Most of the time I feel like if I had a little more time to get my affairs in order, I’d be a lot less stressed.  The truth in that statement?  Debatable.


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