Oof is the only word I can use to describe this week. I started feeling really sick yesterday…a weird combination of fever/achiness/light headedness/ fatigue that made me basically not want to move again.  So I cancelled a voice lesson, took a two hour nap (that I slept like a rock for)…and still felt terrible. NOOO! Rehearsal last night was rough because of it, but I’m glad I went.  I woke up this morning and almost missed class, but decided to drag myself out of bed, despite of the pounding sinuses and achey back.

This is the worst kind of illness to have at school.  Because I am not, as these things go, that ill.  Mostly, I am tired, achey, and crabby.  So I’m just sick enough to want to curl up in a ball and sleep till Sunday, but not gross enough to be swayed from my most important activities.  Which is basically all of them. 

In addition to the sickness issue, this week has been full of homework, stressful assignments, and lots and lots of running around trying to get my life together.  Which I am not exactly succeeding in at the moment.

College is really hard sometimes.  I feel like I need about three more hours in each day to get everything done that needs to be done.  And I am incapable of saying, “Okay, maybe I don’t have to do this thing right now, maybe it can wait.” Nope. It all has to be done RIGHT NOW!  So I panic, and get caught up in the stress, and make myself sick with worry and fatigue (which is, I think, a major part of this little bout of whatever junk I have).

I am (hopefully) going to take this Friday and most of Saturday to 1) Organize my life a bit and 2) RELAX.  Which is difficult when I feel like there are fifteen thousand and one other things I should be doing.  But I shall make a valiant effort.  Sometimes that’s all you can ask.



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