Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

One of my goals (new year’s resolution doesn’t have the same ring to it) for this year is to work on my daily health.  In the past, I’ve taken this to mean work out like a crazy person, don’t eat what you want to eat, and basically be freaking out about weight loss constantly.  

I decided this year that I will not be doing that anymore.

There really is no reason to be miserable about your weight once you get to a certain size, because here is the thing: for most of us, the way we look is changeable.  If you are upset that you have flabby arms, do some pushups.  Got a little belly pooch (and who doesn’t)? Cool.  Run and do some situps.  I’m going to stopping looking at the few issues I have with my body as a crisis, and start realizing how much amazing stuff it can do.  I am blessed, really, to be able to work out and be as fit as I am.  It’s a wonderful realization to have!

Put into action, this concept means I’m not working out for results anymore; I’m working out so I feel better.  What a concept.  These past two weeks, I’ve done some little form of exercise every day, switching it up.  So far, I have: run outside, done yoga (a few times), the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD with friends (ouch ouch ouch), run on the elliptical, run the stairs in my dorm, done a few Pinterest workouts.  And I feel wonderful.  That, coupled with cutting out fried food and soda from my diet, has made a profound impact on how my body feels.

Sometimes I start feeling heavy and stagnant at school, and exhausted.  Though I’m cutting back on sleep a little bit to work out, I feel more awake than I usually do.  My body feels like it’s working for me, instead of against me.  Also, it has the plus of making the crazy tribal dancing (complete with lunges and backbends and hair flips galore) for Caesar just a bit easier.

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