Spring Obsessions

Being in an acting program sometimes means giving up the amazing, beautiful clothes that we know and love.  I have learned this first hand during the past two semesters, as I’ve had to wear “company blacks” (all items of clothing are tight fitting and black) to more and more of my classes.  This semester I have at least one acting class each day, which means I basically live my life in these comfortable (and slimming! Thank God) outifts.  It also means that I can no longer indulge my everyday taste for the preppy, bohemian, girlie, or sparkly.  I have come to adore the time that I get to spend in “real people” clothes, and I was thinking today about a few of my new obsessions for the semester that I either am wearing, or hope to get my sneaky little fashionista hands on soon!Spring Obsessions


1. Drapey, Comfy Sweaters
I lust after all things knitted and cosy…it’s become a bit of a sweater situation in my dorm room.  I have been adoring these long, drapey sweaters all season, but haven’t managed to grab one yet! They are the perfect thing to throw on to dress up any outfit: jeans, a tshirt, a messy bun, plus this baby and some boots?  You’re going-out ready.
2. Chunky Necklace
I love Forever 21’s new offerings.  They are gorgeous, and could add a statement to any simply outfit.  This might just be my Marie Antoinette obsession coming out again, but I adore anything with some pretty jewels and lots of decoration! I plan on picking up at least one this semester.
3. Native American Print
I grew up in New Mexico, and have the fondest memories of shopping amongst beautiful Navajo wool blankets.  Imagine how happy I was to see the pattern popping up in all kinds of clothing items! I would love something colorfully printed–shorts, a shirt, a sweater…bring it on!
4. Mint Nail Polish
I’m obsessed with this color.  It adds such a touch of class to any outfit, and is a refreshing breath of air in these cold months! We can’t wear nail polish with our blacks, or I’d be rocking it all the time.
5. Boot Socks
I would live in boot socks if I could.  I love how chunky and warm and fuzzy they are…must be the Northerner in me?  Whatever the cause of my lumberjack syndrome, I got these exact SmartWool ones for christmas, and I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday! They add an extra bit of pizzazz to that easy boots-and-jeggings look.
6. Coloured Pants
I know, I know, I’m a little late jumping on to this bandwagon.  I actually got my coloured jeans and skinny khakis last year, and I don’t know how I lived without them! I’m just now really learning how to style them, though.  I especially love these when worn with a white button down under a sweater, paired with a high bun, all top with a hair bow.  Preppy but fun, girlie but sassy.  That might be my style in a nutshell right there.

One thought on “Spring Obsessions

  1. Ha! I totally understand this. I’ve lived in “blacks” before but its even worse if you get a job where you have to wear a uniform, which I hope you never do. You come home from work and just put pajamas on or go straight to bed- you live without wearing what you want to wear. Strange feeling. And I’m not a fashion person at all.

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