The Fault in Our Stars


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Not referring to the book, of course, but to the line in my current play, Julius Caesar. This production is going to be an all-female one, set in a tribal/urban society.  Our director, Mandee, is this hip young Shakespeare chick who absolutely loves what she does, and that enthusiasm is infectious.  I would usually think that that much estrogen in a room (the cast has about 35 girls) would be too much to handle–so much drama, craziness! But it’s wonderful.  The intelligence and power of the thoughts we have about this insane world are amazing.  

I am a tablework geek. It’s one of my absolute favorite things.  During tablework, the cast basically sits around and learns about the world we live in, why we are the way we are, what we value and what is shameful, etc.  Usually that work is constrained by some actual time period of the play, which is still fun.  But for this show, we get to create the world ourselves.  It’s a powerful feeling.

So far we’ve only had two rehearsals, but I can’t wait to keep going.  I love the thought of doing new and inventive things with Shakespeare’s works that will really touch an audience in a different way. 

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