First Impressions: Spring 2013

My fifirst few days back at school have been INSANE.  I mean, institutionalize-me level.  I’ve detailed them below.  View at your own risk.

MONDAY: D-Day in the flesh.  I knew this day would be crazy, but knowing and experiencing are completely different things.  I started out the day with a chill morning sipping coffee, eating yogurt, packing my bag, and getting mentally ready for the onslaught of BFAness.  First class was…college algebra.  Phwa phwa.  I really hate math (I’m not terrible at it, I just don’t like it), so this one’s gonna be a toughy.  I spent the rest of the morning figuring out financial aid issues, printing scripts and headshots, the whole shebang.  Then on to Directing and Dramaturgy, which I think will be interesting.  Not really sure exactly what we’ll be doing…but I like it.  Then I finish the class day with Movement, which is going to ROCK.

Basically, Kevin (the professor) told us that this class is meant to point out to us all of the little idiosyncrasies and  bad habits we’ve picked up, and how to get rid of them or use them to our purposes.  Slightly terrifying.  I love body work, though (maybe cause I like working out?) so I’m excited about this one!

Then a quick break for dinner, getting dressed, and it was onto my audition! Which went so well.  Sometimes you just really feel the room, the people, and your monologues, and it was the perfect storm for me.  Yea, I wasn’t perfect, but I could feel how much they liked me, and that was enough. SOOO happy!

Then rehearsal for Caesar, which was a read through.  More about that later. Then bed.

Tuesday: Woo! Up early for Vocal Production II, all about how to bring your voice to its full potential.  I hated this class last semester, but I think I’m going to like it more now!  We got a wonderful quote from it that I’ll be posting on here later.  I then went to Walgreens for cold medicine…and came out to a car that wouldn’t start.  The police came, couldn’t start it, and many tears later, my dad fixed it in about three seconds. Yay for dads, guys. 

Then to Makeup Lab, which is super exciting.  I’m supposed to find four things I want to correct about my face for next class though.  Not as exciting.  Chekhov is going to be a jam.  I have an amazing class, and this is the first time we’re really going to explore the history and culture in reference to theatre style, which is the stuff I really geek out about.  Plus, I get to wear a corset, so that’s awesome already. Callbacks are posted and I’m called back for two shows, so that’s awesome.

Dinner. Caesar rehearsal. Bed.

The week has barely started, and the craziness is already killing me.  I spent the last half hour trying to get my lost ID card out from underneath a washing machine.  That’s a thing about being a BFA, though.  You kind of just have to take the business and run with it.  Trying to fight it will do nothing.  I put a lot of my faith and trust in God and the universe to work some of the stuff out for me, cause it is just to much to have on your own shoulders.  Wine nights help, too.



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