Welcome Back, Kids!

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Just got back into my dorm room today! I made the fifteen hour drive back on Thursday and Friday, spent some time with my family, and drove onto campus this morning.  I spent the day stocking up at Walmart for some supplies (basically, breakfast food.  I think I have a problem.  It was all peanut butter, yogurt, cereal, and coffee), working on monologues, unpacking (yikes.  Three suitcases full of stuff), and relaxing a little bit.

I actually really love being back.  Winter break was wonderful, but I love the feeling of making a routine for myself, of setting goals and getting done what I need to get done.  At home, I was constantly on other peoples schedules, which is fine for a month, but not the best when I have to prep for a crazy semester.

And a crazy semester it will be.  I’m taking nineteen credit hours in such wonderful classes as: Chekov (a whole class devoted to the study of his plays! We get to wear corsets.  I’m pumped), Movement, Vocal Prod II (save me, someone), Makeup Lab (be prepared for zombie and fairy pictures), and voice lessons.  Also a stint in college algebra, which I’m already dreading.

Tomorrow, I have my first day of classes, an audition at 6:00, and then my first Julius Caesar rehearsal at 6:30.  I’m a little nervous for this, obviously, since I’m going from doing not much of anything to running about like a crazy person in one day, but I am just taking a deep breath and taking one thing at a time.  That’s the plan, anyway. 

This semester, I am going to enjoy myself more, and worry less.  It’s going to be beautiful.


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