New Year, New Plan

Because of my obsessive list making and organizational skills, New Years is like Christmas for me: setting goals is possibly my favorite thing in the world, behind beautiful plays, coffee, and cuddly sweaters.  I have been thinking about my goals for the coming semester and the year beyond for about two weeks now, narrowing down from my thoughts about what I need to work on.  General happiness is a big one; as I’ve posted before about my Happiness Project, I feel that I can improve on my every day level of being content.  I also want to develop in my acting program and in making smart career choices that pertain to acting and to the English minor I am pursuing.

I’m always looking for new goal setting formats.  For some reason, writing it down in a memorable way works a lot better for me than just typing it up and forgetting it.  This year, I was inspired by my friend Maya (you can find her amazing blog here: ), who wrote about goal setting in a revolutionary (at least, for me) way.  You plan out where you see yourself in ten years, and then make goals by year (one year, five year, etc.) to help you get to that audacious goal, realistically.

Theatre majors, more than others, have an issue with worrying about the future.  I think, personally, that that’s healthy.  You will never get cast if you think life will simply “work itself out.”  However, it does sometimes seem that the goals I want (working at a theatre professionally, publishing novels, etc.) is unattainable in the short term.  It’s hard to imagine beginning to work towards them.  Maya’s approach helps with that by setting your long term, reach-for-the-stars visions, and then reverting back to the approaching year to simply get on track.  Though I love being chill, I think that it certainly helps to set yourself up for success!

I also have my own version of goal setting that I formatted for every day happiness this year.  Basically, I sanctioned out the important aspects of my life: Relationships, School, Faith, Health and Emotional Wellness, etc.  I then made three to four subgoals in these categories that I know need work, and will follow to create overall happiness. For example, the Health category is a big one for me.  My subgoals are: 1) to workout as much as I need (not push myself too far, but motivate myself to go as often as I can), 2) to eat everything in moderation, and not feel deprived and avoid overindulgence, and 3) to get rid of my guilt about eating.  All of these are small things that will lead to overall daily happiness!

These are just simple ideas to get you started on goal setting.  It might not be the most exciting thing to set your mind to, but I firmly believe that it helps better a college student’s life…especially if you’re as busy as a BFA!

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