What’s on a Theatre Major’s Wish List?

The blogs I follow have all been publishing multitudes of wishlists…for the techie, for the man in your life, for parents, siblings, best friends, dogs.  I have loved paging through them, but I also began to think about the very distinct needs that a college theatre major needs.  I, of course, wished for all kinds of fashionable, cozy, lovely presents that any college girl would love.  But I also need some items that you would be hard pressed to find on any other twenty something girl’s list, unless she is also spending 24 hours a day living and breathing theatre.  So without further ado, here is what my little actress heart is wishing for for the holidays.

1) A corset

And before your mind goes to the gutter, this is not your typical Victoria’s Secret purchase.  I need a full blown, steel-boned, shrink your waist by five inches corsetry for my Chekhov class next semester.  There are some gorgeous ones, so I’m excited to make a purchase.  The thought of getting all strapped into it and having the air forced out of me? Not so much.

2) A makeup kit

My makeup lab next semester requires a very particular kind of makeup kit from Ben Nye, stage makeup provider extraordinaire.  This kit contains everything I need to turn myself into a zombie, or a fairy, or whatever other strange creatures I might be morphing into on Tuesdays at 1:00 (pictures will ensue; I’m sure you’re dying of excitement). 


The thing that makes acting majors worth their salt stand out is the ridiculous amount of plays constantly in their possession.  Whether we’re reading for fun (I’m always reading Sam Shepard, though there’s a solid three parts for me tucked into all of his plays) or for monologues.  I brought home about ten plays to read over break (I’ve read one…slacking…) and I’m always looking for more.

4) The Playbill Broadway Yearbook

This might just be an obsession of mine, but I love these things!  They contain a record of every play and musical running on Broadway during the year, which is cool.  But even better are the questionnaires that they give each cast to fill out.  This is how I’ve learned some of my most hilarious information about Broadway shows.  It’s so wonderful to hear about backstage antics from the performers themselves…if you don’t feel like part of the theatre community yet, you will after reading this book!

5) More black clothing…

Le sigh…I always try to stock up on black athletic wear when I’m home, because I actually know where they sell it, as opposed to scrounging around desperately back at school.  It is both the joy and the bane of a theatre major that we constantly notice black clothing.  On the one hand, I’ve managed to get some really adorable things!  On the other, I cannot stop myself from looking at every single pair of yoga pants I pass with adoration.

6) A travel pillow

Again, this might just be me…but my neck and back are constantly sore or in pain from stress, class, and general mistreatment (number one thing on my wish list? A massage).  I would love one of those fluffy neck pillows, the kind with little foam beads and a furry cover, so I can drive in comfort, safe in the knowledge that I look like a total goon.  I would also love something for my lower back, because I basically spend all of my trips in a constant state of adjusting it. 

7) Plane tickets

Y’all…I just want to travel.  Because of the demanding nature of our degree program, it’s difficult to take any breaks from school that aren’t already on the calendar.  I absolutely love my program with all my heart, but sometimes I yearn for the adventures and study abroad opportunities that other majors offer!  For example, one of my best friends will be spending the next semester taking a course which requires him to travel all across Europe.  Dream. Trip. 

The moral of this story is that if your BFA has any time to take a trip, don’t hesitate to give them something a little out of the ordinary break at home.  Last spring break I went to New York City by myself for the first time, and it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life so far.  There is nothing like navigating and discovering a new place on your own, especially somewhere that is known for its culture and theatre!

On my wish list this year? Another trip over spring break to visit The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy), or a vacation to somewhere completely out there with friends.  The Gulf, possibly?  Or someone could send me to Italy.  That would be alright, too, I suppose.


There you have it, some BFAbulous gifts to get your mind whirring for the season!



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