The Merriest Blizzard There Ever Was

ImageHello, all!

So…I haven’t exactly had the time I thought I would to devote to blogging.  Or writing.  Or reading plays.  Or finding monologues.  Or getting my life together re: next summer. 


As always seems to happen, I have gotten all caught up in the family hysterics that are Christmas.  So most days have been spent either 1) shopping for gifts with my darling grandpa, who is the sweetest man in the world, though he does take me on about six hours of shopping a day, or 2) baking all the sweets that my tiny BFA heart could want. Which is to say, all of them.

I finally get to have an oven! And therefore I have been doing all kinds of cooking and cleaning, and chores for mom too.  It’s interesting that as I grow older, I find myself far more willing to help out around the house, and less grumpy about it.  Maybe it’s because I know I will not be some housewife-y Cinderella while my daughter sits reading the latest Twilight spinoff.  (Sorry, mom).

I signed up to work three days over break because the lighting company I worked for this summer needed help at reception.  But yesterday, my first day back on the job (or, I suppose, the phone), we started hearing all these reports about horrible weather headed our way.  Now, the North is no stranger to snow.  We stoically soldier on through six inches of slush to get to school; we ponder the meaning of life as we cheerfully shovel out driveways up to our knees in the white stuff.  So the fact that they cancelled our work, all schools in the area, and even the finals at the local university meant that this was going to be one doozy of a snowstorm (or, as the newscasters are calling it, “thundersnow.”  Sounds like an episode of Thor, but I’ll take it).

I woke up this morning after getting plenty of beauty sleep to 16 glorious inches.  And it just keeps on coming.  This afternoon we have blizzard conditions, which I got to experience firsthand after I went outside to help shovel off the front steps and path.  It was fun for a bit–I love a good workout as much as the next girl–but after the tenth or eleventh time of getting my face slapped by a facefull of icy shards in blowing winds, I’d decided that it is a fine thing that I am a theatre major.   Good times indeed.

I plan to spend the rest of the day cozied up inside, working on Christmas gifts and sipping cocoas and wrapping presents…and, yes, finally reading a play. 

Unless I have to go shovel some more.  Pray for me.

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