Break is Here!

Well, almost.  One voice jury (which is the final for my 2 credit hour voice lesson: basically you stand up in front of all the voice teachers, sing a song of your choice, and then they pick one–eek) and I’m on my way to…three hours of packing and cleaning. But still, yay!

I’m singing Deh vieni, non tardar from Le Nozze di Figaro today.  I love the aria, and I’m kind of excited to put it on its feet in front of people.  So that’s good.  What makes me nervous is the “we pick what you’re going to sing” part.  The first song is kind of a work horse, and the other ones in my book aren’t exactly easy to sing, so I’m going to be one tired mama when I get out of there.  But it is the only thing standing between me and break, so I’m going to rock it!

After that I will be going home and packing.  Which is going to take forever.  Does anybody have an easy time packing?  Because I am the absolute worst.  I overpack like nobody’s business, because I think I need every single sparkly sweater, I have to have three pairs of yoga pants, and obviously, I need that sequined glitter zebra tank top.  I have a huge suitcase and a fifty pound limit, I should be fine! But I can already foretell that I will be stuffing my carry-ons with all the detritus that won’t fit in my big purple suitcase.  Le sigh.

This break is making me feel a little weird. I am so excited to go home and see my family, my friends, and even The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) for a solid two week (joy to the world indeed).  But I am definitely going to miss my people here, especially the ones in Christmas Carol I’ve been hanging out with literally every day for two months.  And I think the main issue is that I have been going so hard, for so long, that the thought of resting and relaxing freaks me out.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a horrible relaxer.  I mean, it’s bad.  The thought of sitting around and just watching movies all day, while it sounds appealing at first, quickly leads to panicking because there HAS to be something I need to do which I am not doing.  This break, I am really going to try to let go and just chiiiiiill.  And read plays.  And do Christmas shopping (which I haven’t started yet).  And hang out with friends.  And bake.  And carol for charity.  Maybe I will be fine after all.


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