Godspeed, Christmas Carol

Well, and there you have it.  Our little show that could has finished.  As the Ghost of Christmas Present says, “My time…my time is done.”


I get very philosophical when shows end, apparently.  This Christmas Carol was a little different because we ended up taking apart the set at strike yesterday. The show has been kind of a holiday tradition at my school for the past six years, but next year we are moving on to other Christmas-y things.  On the one hand, yay! On the other…ah…change is scary. I am excited about a new Christmas option, obviously. But I will always harbor a little corner of my heart for CC, which I think is truly one of the most beautiful stories ever told.  Everything you could want is in there: a villain reformed, true love, cosy parties, creepy graveyards, funny characters, heart-warming characters, characters that look like death…and, of course, Christmas.  Being in Fred’s party was one of the highlights of my semester, and though the show has a long run, and we don’t always feel like we need to commit, I feel like I learned a very important lesson:

You do the show for the people in the audience who might never see another one. You do the show because there is a little girl out there who wants to do theatre someday.  You do the show because someone out there can’t be with their family this holiday season, and this is the only bit of Christmas they’ll get.  I do the show because I want to share my love for the holiday spirit to everyone who needs a little bit of it.

That is a damn good reason to do any show, and I will keep it in my heart.

Anyway, the last performance went very well.  My friend Val and I basically just chatter during the party scene, and we were living for every moment in it.  Strike only took about four hours, which is pretty good for something that housed a cast of about 50.  I spent a few minutes in the catwalk before remembering how deathly afraid of heights I am (hanging out to grab gels out of light fixtures takes me about 20 times as long…sorry, lighting tech crew), and I spent most of the night catching lights being lowered down.

I also got to sort hardware, help push a 600 lbs machine on a dolly around the building and over a catwalk, and other assorted funsies.  And after a quick Panda Express, fro yo date, bubble bath and homework session, I was all cosy and warm in bed!

Till I remembered that tomorrow (that is, this very morning) began finals week.

And sleep was no more.



Fred’s Party at the final show.  James Bond slash Awkward Prom Photo.  True love right there.


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