A Merry Christmas to All!

Ariel and I are so surprised and excited! Mostly because our hair is staying in place.

I know it’s a little early for most of you, but here at BFAbulous, we are in the Christmas spirit!  My annual dose of Christmas cheer started way early this year…like, in October, with the arrival of A Christmas Carol rehearsals.  I love doing this show.  Not only do I get to spread holiday cheer around the community; I get to work with some of the most talented people in the school!  And have I mentioned, my costume is freaking gorgeous?? Cause…it’s beautiful.  I’ll have to post a picture of it later, cause it’s one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever had the priviledge to wear.

Also, it’s really pretty.  Like, seriously.

We began our run with a matinee, which is always kind of an awkward start.  I am so used to rehearsing at night time that waking up to do my hair in pretty Victorian curls and getting cinched into my corset-style dress was a bit of a trip.  It’s kind of nice though; a bit like an invited dress!

Another interesting thing about this show–it runs for years.  Just kidding.  But it feels like it.  Literally 10 shows, two weekends of awesome Christmas-y fun!  Of course, this means that I will be getting about 0% of my homework done on the weekends, since I’ll be running around getting pretty for the show.  We have one week till finals, and the Christmas Carol cast is going to be hard pressed to find time for studying.

So what will I  be doing tonight, my first night off in forever? That would be homework.  And cleaning my room because my parents arrive tomorrow! Ah, live as a BFA.


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