How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation

Here are a few highlights:

This is Kiwi.  She’s hunting squirrels and contemplating the gorgeous day.

1) Seeing my dogs and my family, obviously.  But especially my twin brother, who I haven’t seen since July! He’s at a military academy, and doing an amazing job…but I seriously miss him!  It was so fun to jump right back into our traditions: obsessive movie quoting, cooking for each other, bugging each other during movies.  Perfect.  Sending him back to school was sad, but I’m cheered that I’ll see him in less than a  month!

2) The friends! Nothing like siting and catching up with some of my best friends in the world. It’s so weird to go home from college, because on the one hand, you feel like everything has changed, but on the other, you jump right back into friendships.  I also got to meet the baby of one of my dear friends, which was precious. I’m only slightly obsessed.

3) Vistin The Boyfriend’s (a.k.a Navy Boy) family! I have been best friends with his sister for like…nine years now?  So I love just being with their family. So warm and cosy! Slightly sad to not have the Boyfriend there, but I’ll see him in a little more than a month so I guess I can deal.

4) Eating.  I am a sucker for home cooked food, and the food of my hometown. Highlights included Thanksgiving (obviously) where I ate my weight in turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and apple pie with praline.  I’m going to post some of those recipes soon, because they are incredible!  I also ate at Noodles and Company, which is possibly my favorite restaurant at home. I just die for their penne rosa or pad thai…gah.  Mouth watering already.

Unfortunately now I have to try to work off all that deliciousness before Christmas break.  It was worth it.

5) Going Christmas Shopping with Mom.  And I don’t mean for presents.  We are obsessed with decorating, so we visited a holiday superstore and Hallmark, and just looked.  I love doing stuff like this with my mom!  Found this tree that I’m convinced will be in my house one day:

It’s an owl tree!

It was a lovely break.  Now I just have to get through the next two weeks and three days…le sigh.

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