Crunch Time

Annnnd we are back.  These next two weeks (and three odd days.  Not that I’m counting).  Basically what’s pulling me through is the fact that we have 12 shows of A Christmas Carol to do.  That is an extremely long run for a college show, if you didn’t know.  Most of our shows here have about four performances?  But we have matinees on Thursday and Friday, Friday and Saturday night shows, and a later Sunday matinee.


Good news: I love the show, my costume is gorgeous, and I can do homework!

Bad news: I probably won’t do homework.  And boy, do I ever have it.  At least two huge projects, plus plenty of little papers.

This is tech week, which means rehearsals from 7-11 each night.  Tonight I have a rehearsal for a directing scene at midnight…someone come poke me and keep me awake?  Tomorrow, I have an audition for the musicals and operas of next semester after rehearsal.  So I’ll be singing my face off at approximately 11:30.  Sweet.  All in the life of a BFA!

Finally, at some point in there, I have to do Christmas presents for my sorority family, and love on my actual family, who are coming into town this weekend to see the show! How much do they rock?  I’m super excited to see them…and super excited for the Cheesecake Factory dinner that is going to be my reward for a job well done.

Today, I’m excited by two things:
1) I’m wearing a sparkly sweater.

$10 at Target.  Yes, I will take that.

2) I am going to paint my toes red tonight, and no one can stop me! Except perhaps sleep deprivation.

All of this pales in comparison to the fact that in 17 days, I will be enjoying a month of cosying up in front of the fire, writing and reading and working on acting, while making time to be with family and friends.  Oh, and The Boyfriend.  So I can get through these weeks, darn it!  If you’re a fellow college student…I know you’re feeling my pain. Maybe not quite as scheduled, but still stressed.  Time to go memorize some lines.


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