Home Again, Home Again!

My Schedule to Prep for Going Home!

8:00 am: Wake up.  Roll over.  Fall back asleep.  Wake up again.  Wish I hadn’t stayed up so late.

8:10 am: Realize I can print boarding pass! Do so.  It is a struggle.  $25 for a suitcase? I bought the freaking ticket, isn’t that enough?? Consider packing carry on.  Consider the fact that a) I don’t know how and b) I don’t have time to downsize my conditioner, shampoo, hair goo, and all that other girlie stuff. Oi. Check layover to see if I have enough time for Starbucks.  A little doubtful, but love will find a way.

8:15-9:15 am: Shower, fight with my hair.  Drink coffee and eat oatmeal while watching the Today Show and catching up on Twitter. Think about how little I want to get dressed.  Get dressed.  Run around searching for Uggs while Shelby comes in so we can walk to…

9:30 am: Acting III: Improv.  Today we did sensation stuff, which was fun.  Except having my eyes closed for so long freaked me out a little.

10:45 am: Go to the library.  Pick out a couple of books for the trip because I am poor and can’t get what I want at Barnes and Noble.  Cry inside.

11:00 am-1:30 pm: Go to work.  Work.  Slash do this.  Slash go get lunch.  Slash a thousand other things…and possibly homework.

1:30 pm: Rush home to do laundry…we’ll see how that goes.  Probably shouldn’t have left it off till the day of?  Eh whatever.  Casually think about packing, probably toss a few things in the suitcase without rhyme or reason.  

2:30 pm: Stage Management.  Try to focus while thinking about turkey and stuffing and green bean casserole and pie.  Lots of pie.

4:00 pm: Vocal Production, where we will be doing jaw work.  I have a feeling I’ll be vacillating between frustration with my jaw and tongue (we have to try to loosen them.  Mine hate me and don’t like to cooperate) and imagining that in an hour and fifteen minutes, I will be on Thanksgiving break!!

5:15 pm: I AM ON BREAK!!!! Now time to go home and pack.  Woops.

6:00 pm: Hopefully finish last minute packing?  Head to dad’s and drive while listening to Christmas music…might be the highlight of the day.

6:30-10:00 pm: Eat a home cooked meal.  Play with the puppies.  Talk with dad.  And try to go to sleep early beeeecause…

Day Two:

3:45 am: Wake up.  Die.  Get coffee.  Live again.  Stumble through getting dressed and some semblance of makeup.  

4:15 am: Leave for the airport

4:45-6:00 am: Anxiously check in, wait in line for security…this is the part of flying I don’t like.  But then I am going to get a big ass coffee, buy the Christmas issue of Real Simple Magazine, and chill before boarding my flight to…

10:05 am: Detroit.  Yea.  Hopefully they have Starbucks.

10:25 am: Arrive at home! Woo!  Beautiful moments.




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