Audition Aftermath

So yesterday were auditions! I ended up having to go see a play at 2:00 pm, which was a little scary, because I had planned on spending the day and prepping my monologues and just relaxing.  The play was wonderful, but by the time I got home (around 5ish), I was in full on, panicky, oh-my-god-I’m-auditioning-in-an-hour-and-a-half mode.  I borrowed a pretty shirt, changed my outfit fifteen times before settling on the shirt after all, did makeup and hair, tried to eat, gave up, and did my monologues about ten more times.

This is the thing about me and auditioning: I thrive in an environment of relaxation.  I like to be able to walk in there feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to just have fun.  But everything yesterday was conspiring to make me panic and feel rushed.  I took a few moments before leaving my room to lay on the floor and just breathe, work some exercises, do a few vibration warm ups, and center myself, so by the time I left for the auditions I was feeling good.  And then when I got there (at 6:35 for my 7:00 audition), they told me that there were three people up before me. AHHHHHH!!!!

This is one of the things that always freaks me out.  You have to spend your prep time scribbling out your conflicts and info forms, and turning them in, so by the time I was “on deck” (ie, up next!) I had about thirty seconds to do my monologues, focus in on my beats, and get ready to do the damn thing.  

And after that, it was fine.

Yay!  I’m actually very happy that I could walk in there, rushed and nervous as I was, and do the monologues with all of the beats and moment I had thought out, while giving into the emotions of the pieces.  That’s pretty close to the perfect way to audition!  I did feel a little nervous on my intro, and possibly a little rushed–that two minute mark is always looming at the back of your head.

I got done and felt ok.  Definitely didn’t suck, definitely things I will be able to improve upon later.  So pretty much the constants in the life of an actor. 

I then went home and celebrated with a diet coke and some ramen noodles (oh, the life of a rockstar), took a nice bubble bath…and then went to my 11:00 pm rehearsal for an acting scene! Y’all, the life of a college BFA is never done.

All in all, I’m proud of the work I did.  Now it’s just time to wait for callbacks to be posted…which is the absolute, 100% worst part of auditioning.  I HATE WAITING.  Did I mention I’m impatient, and that makes me nervous? Good thing I have pre-tech week of Christmas Carol to focus on!


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