Five Things…November Edition!

I cannot believe we are in November already! I’m kind of relieved that I’ve made it this far.  College seems to me a series of moments in which I can’t imagine being any busier…and then I somehow get busier.  Right now, I’m prepping for the last five week home stretch before winter break.  I have tons of huge class assignments, auditions, and a little thing called Christmas Carol keeping me busy…but I’m committed to enjoying the time as well!  Here’s what I’m excited about this weekend:

1) Homecoming with my sisters!

I haven’t been able to be involved with homecoming very much this year because of Christmas Carol’s rehearsal schedule, but I am super excited to be reunited with the house tomorrow during the homecoming game!  We don’t have football at my school, so I think it’s going to be like a four hour long basketball fest…which I’m not exactly pumped about.  But I cannot wait to watch with my beautiful sisters, and celebrate how much they’ve accomplished this week!

2) Winter Cleaning

I am not necessarily a tidy person by nature, but there comes a time in my life (about once every month) where I simply cannot stand the horror of my messy dorm room anymore and must clean.  I’m actually kind of excited to reorganize this weekend because I’m going to put away most of my summery clothes, and transition the cosy winter sweaters into my closet! Yay!  I’m also going to deep clean my desk, because  I have a creative person’s habit of writing all kinds of little notes and doodles to myself and then throwing them onto my desk till I’ve got a beautiful rainbow of post-its carpeting my work space.  While it’s lovely, it would be nice to see the wood once in awhile.

3) My Book!

This little guy here has been taking up a lot of my (very precious) free time.  I am loving this one!  I hope to finish it while chilling on my couch this weekend, coffee in hand.

4) Christmas Lists!

Not for me.  While I love getting presents, possibly my favorite part of the holidays is figuring out what to give the people I love! I’m a little strapped for cash this year (poor college kid problems), so I’m trying to dream up some lovely homemade or partially homemade gifts.  I’ve already developed some ideas, but this weekend I’ll think up some more!

5) A Thankful November

One of my sorority sisters got me started with this, but it’s a very simple project to remind you how blessed you are! Each day in November, I am going to make my Facebook status something I am thankful for that day.  I am going to try and not make it too general, or materialistic…yesterday I was super tempted to make it about the cinnamon dolce latte I enjoyed in a Christmas Starbucks cup, but instead I thought about the “pay-it-forward” we created in the drive thru: my friend in the car in front of us paid for me, so I paid for the stranger behind us.  I’d like to think the chain kept going!


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