Thoughts About Cooking…More Like an Obsession

I am a little bit obsessed with cooking.  It began a couple years ago with baking, cupcakes in particular.  This developed into cooking in general, and last summer not a week went by without me baking some delicious confection or cooking a meal for my family (greek yogurt fettucine alfredo with broccoli…still drooling just thinking about it).  And then…I returned to college.

My dorm room is absolutely wonderful, and there is no way I could complain.  Compared to most dorms, it is a palace: I have my own bedroom and bathroom with a tub, and I share a living room with my wonderful sorority sister. But the one thing it does not have is an oven or stove, and that has recently begun to truly get me down.

I think it’s because we are now into the fall season, which is usually when my mom’s cooking started pulling out all the stops.  I find myself dreaming of meatloaf fresh from the oven, of bubbling apple pies making the house smell like Thanksgiving, of chicken noodle soup simmering all day in the crock pot, and, most sweetly of all, my favorite fall/winter food: chicken pot pie, the filling bubbling up through the delicious homemade crust.  I can barely even write about it without wanting to run to the store and pick up ingredients…which would be useless, due to the aforementioned stovelessness.

So Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break will be filled to the brim with delicious cooking.  And I will hopefully contrive a way to get a stove next year.  But until then, here is what is currently topping my foodie obsession list:

1) The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

Find the book at here:

I picked up this book about a year ago at Barnes and Noble, and was immediately taken by the author’s storytelling style, and the family history she puts into the book.  Ree Drummond is a big city transplant living with her family in Oklahoma, and all of her recipes are those traditional, heart-warming foods that you can imagine eating at your mom’s table. Also, they seem simple–a good place to start on my cooking quest!

2) Cupcakes and Cashmere

Visit Emily’s blog here:

While I am obviously obsessed with style as well, I love the recipes featured on Emily’s blog.  Above I have a picture of her book, which you can find at Barnes and Noble; I haven’t been able to pick it up yet.  I’m sure it’s amazing, if her blog is any indication.  I think the Molasses Cookies she posted today are going to be the next recipe I attempt.

3) Recipe Cards and Books

These beauties are from Erin Condren, one of my absolute favorite organization suppliers ever! Find her stuff at:

I have 341 pins on my Pinterest recipe board.  I think I have a problem.  I’m already starting to find some recipes that I think will be standards for my family (whenever that may happen), and I really want a stylish, cute, and (most importantly) durable recipe box or book!  The little cards up above are absolutely adorable.  I’m still on the hunt for a cute recipe book somewhere.  I have this cute vision of passing down a family recipe book to my kids…aw. Precious.

Excuse me while I go mourn my lack of stove now.


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