Five Things…Five Really Late Things…

This whole absence of computer things is a huge drag.  Because I do not have one at home, all that formerly idle time on other computers is now taken up by panicky, caffeine driven homework binges.  And I am actually certain that all of my professors chose to give me an insane amount of homework because they knew that my laptop was out of commission.

Le sigh.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff! Here are the five things I’m excited for this week (I’m changing it up a little, seeing as it’s Sunday).

1) Fall Starbucks and a book

One of my main joys is sitting on the quad with a delicious latte, reading a good book, and all bundled up against the cold weather.  Given that this weekend has been insanely stressful, I vote that this WILL happen this week.

2) Rehearsals!

The Christmas joy continues.  We’ve actually blocked everything and have started running and cleaning already…which is pretty insane with a show of 30ish students and a good 20 children.

3) Recipes Galore

I think I am going to start making a recipe book.  I realize that I do not have an oven at the moment (and probably won’t till summer break. Damn) but I have so many amazing ideas that I don’t want to forget!  Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) has already been drafted to help me cook during the time he has off during Winter break. I guess it’s not much of a hassle, as he gets to reap the rewards by eating all the food.

4) Halloween!

I’m super excited! I don’t really have any plans as yet, but I am hoping that they include eating a ton of candy, watching scary movies (like Hocus Pocus and the Great Pumpkin, obviously), and hanging with my friends.  Halloweekend was succesful last night, and I’m ready to have a bit of a chiller time on my ONE NIGHT OFF for the next two weeks (at least).  Beauty.

5) My book, and the time to read it

The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) bought me A Clash of Kings, the second book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. Martin.  I haven’t been able to get to them because…let’s be honest, they’re a little long.  But this one is really drawing me in, and once I get the homework done (that I am currently avoiding by blogging) I will be able to enjoy it! Possibly with bubble baths or long cozy autumn afternoons.






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