Back in Action


Just in case you needed a little extra cute in your day, I added a birthday puppy. Love it.  Anyway, now that my wonderful birthday weekend is over I am back in action.  Which is to say, insanely busy and a little bit stressed about getting it all done!  The weekend was perfection.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend and awesome friends! Unfortunately, that little bit of relaxation and laziness means that I am swamped with stuff to do this week.  Here is my short list:

What Lauren Must Do to Survive This Week

1. Figure out which classes I will be taking next semester (just finished this.  It’s gonna be 18 hours of awesomeness.)

2. Find a book of arias for voice.

3. Practice totally different aria for masterclass on Friday.

4. Do a TON of stage management homework.  I mean…it defies description.  And hope to God that I can get my backup disk from my broken computer to upload onto my borrowed laptop. Sigh.

5. Find monologues.  I thought I had, but then realized mine don’t contrast enough. Grrrrrr.

6. Figure out how to do my presentation for History of Theatre. Literally haven’t thought about it.

7. Do my History of Theatre exam.  Also have not thought about it.

8. More stage management.

9. See Angels in America.

10. Do rehearsals.

11. Do sorority events. Figure out which office I want to run for.

12. Figure out Halloween costumes!

Um. That’s it for now.  For some reason mapping it all out makes me less stressed so that’s nice.

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