Five Things: Birthday Edition

So I’ve been slacking…but it’s been an insane week.  Since I sincerely doubt I’ll have time to blog tomorrow, I leave you with the five things I’m so excited for this weekend!

1) NAVY BOY (aka The Boyfriend) ARRIVES TOMORROW!!! Can you tell I’m a little excited?  I hate being that girl who’s obsessed…but I actually cannot wait.  The Boyfriend and I don’t see each other a lot, since he lives in sunny California, doing Navy things, while I live here and do collegiate activities.  But that just makes the time we do get to spend together even more special!  Perhaps I shall do some long distance relationship posts in the future…I think it’s actually a really great thing for couples to go to, as it teaches you how much you can love just talking with a person and being their best friend.

2) It’s My Birthday!! Hence the title.  I will be turning…older…on Sunday, and I actually am pretty excited! Birthdays have changed so much over the years…I kind of forgot this one was happening in all the excitement of the past couple of weeks.  Instead of a toy list, I’ve basically just asked my parents to throw some money my way so I can possibly actually buy a new sweater instead of window shopping. Or, you know, to just throw some new fall boots my way.  Starbucks gift card. Books.  The usual.  Mostly, I’m just excited to be spending the day with friends and the guy that I love 🙂 so sappy, I know.

3) Bellini’s  ImageAh, Bellini’s.  Most beautiful of restaurants.  I seriously love going out to eat.  I try not to, because I literally go Hulk style on my food–especially Italian.  I am convinced that pasta and bread where created to sabotage my dieting.  But that being said, I’m going all out at my favorite birthday dining spot.  It’s nestled in a gorgeous neighborhood, there are beautiful twinkly lights, and I’m sorry, but have you ever tried a bellini?  If not, get thee to an Italian restaurant and get on that, because it is delicious.

4) Birthday Dinner! I’m having a huge group of friends out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse! I kind of miss the days when we all went rollerblading or trampoline jumping for birthdays, so I figure this is the next best thing.  Though I’ve heard that they make you sit on a saddle if it’s your birthday…better not wear skinny jeans and heels…

5) Fancy Night The Boyfriend and I started a tradition a while back of having a “Fancy Night” for at least one of the nights we visit each other.  This oh-so-sophisticated ritual consists of getting cheap champagne (usually with orange juice…can’t pass up the excuse for mimosas), a huge hunk of cheddar cheese, and something sweet, camping out on the couch, and watching literally hours of a TV show or some good movies.  The first time, we watched Clue (instant classic.  Can’t believe he hadn’t seen it before!).  My other favorite was watching the complete first season of Game of Thrones.

and…because it’s a special weekend…

6) Walks! I think I’ve already expressed how much I love taking walks.  But walks with The Boyfriend are the most amazing thing in the world! We have our deepest life talks on them…like “how many puppies will you let me buy before freaking out?” I’ve already planned out a beautiful one this weekend at a gorgeous botanical garden in the city. Can’t wait to get my starbucks and go!




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