Five Things

This weekend is going to be just a touch depressing.  I’m trying my usual tactics of smiling through it, planning a few fun things…but the fact that remains that I was supposed to be on a flight to California at 6:10 this morning, on the way to spending an amazing four days in California with my boyfriend. Annnnd now I’m stuck here for the weekend (due to circumstances outside of either of our control). So. There’s that, as my acting teacher would say. Also, all of my other friends will be going home, since it’s a four day weekend.  But Wisconsin is a little bit far to be traveling for that amount of time, especially with thanksgiving right around the corner. 

Anyway, I refuse to let those icky feelings win! Besides the fact that The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) will be here in a WEEK from today, to spend my birthday weekend with me, I have planned a quite nice weekend.  Nice-ish, anyway.

1) Hanging with Dad I will be seeing a lot of my dad and his family this weekend, which is always a nice change from the craziness of the college world.  Dad and I are two peas in a pod–I take after him in most things.  When we hang out, we usually spend most of our time chilling at Barnes and Noble, chilling out over coffee and reading books.  Nerdy. But wonderful.  Probably try to see if I can get a free home cooked meal out of there somewhere, too.

Image2) Baking! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before…but I’m slightly obsessed with baking.  I mean like…it’s bad. If I had an oven here I would probably be gaining a ton of cookie and cupcake weight because it is the most soothing, beautiful thing in the world.  My most favorite part is giving what I bake to other people, however, which is why I’m excited to be baking for my brother! He is in the military academy right now, and can’t really get any big gifts. So for our birthday (we happen to be twins), I’ll be sending him an awesome box of baked goodness.  I know.  Beautiful moments.  I’ll try not to steal them all.

3) Movie Nights… I took my friend to the airport this morning at six, and as a favor I asked if I could borrow a few movies before she left.  So I now have The Holiday, Just Like Heaven, and Toy Story 3 to look forward to this weekend! I mean…thank God, right?  

4) PUPPY!!! I will be pet sitting an adorable, precious Rottweiler this weekend for a friend…and I cannot wait to cuddle with her! This dog is so freaking cute…a 150 pound cuddle bug.  Even though she’s got a solid 25 pounds on me (which made me slightly nervous), I will probably cuddle with her all weekend long.  I met her today, and the first thing she did was come up and put her face in my hands so I would love on her.  I mean…I died.  So precious.

5) Reading a book…and it’s not for school! I got the wonderful book Freedom by Johnathon Franzen from the library.  I read pretty much constantly, and it gets depressing to read the same 25 odd books I have in my dorm room over and over.  So I was proactive. I’ve been waiting to read this ever since it was featured in Vogue, and I have loved every second so far.  Can’t wait to curl up with a cup of coffee on the couch and dig into this one!

And I’m leaving you with this little reminder that’s getting me through the weekend, by the wonderful Walt Whitman:


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