Look Out! It’s MIDTERMS!!!

…and actually I’m not really stressed at all.  Weird right?  I guess it’s because I have one big non-theatrical midterm presentation (Critical Reading and Writing…presenting a project about Mary Shelley’s psychoanalytical influence in Frankenstein.  Delightful, right?) that I’ve already prepared, another presentation in my Vocal Production class, and a test in Stage Management that we haven’t really heard much about so I haven’t had time to worry about it.  What is this feeling?  Could it be that I’ve actually…prepared? Gasp!

This weekend is a four day fall break.  Originally I was supposed to be traveling to California, but The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) was ordered to work. Ah, the lovely world of military significant others.  So I will be spending the weekend doing…something?  Right now it appears that I will be house sitting for a portion of it, which equals more money so I’m totally down.  I am also going to bake a bunch of different things for my twin brother, who is currently studying at West Point Army Academy (what is it with all these military guys?? No idea where that came from).He can’t really get birthday presents, so I figure like four kinds of cookies will be a welcome surprise! I would love it if someone sent that to me…just saying.

And other than that…I should probably find some monologues. Sigh. Work of an actress is never done and all that.

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