Audition Season!

Eek.  At my school, there is basically no time at which you are not preparing for an audition.  The summer is monologue gathering, and the first auditions of the season for Theatre, Opera, and Musical Theatre all occur within the first two weeks.  And now that we are reaching the winter season (I know, it’s just barely fall, but you have to look ahead!) we are all getting anxious for the spring theatre auditions…which are on November 11th.  I know that sounds like forever away…but I have this really bad habit of letting these things creep up on me, so that it is finally the week of the audition and I realize I should probably pick that second monologue now.

I think I have my first monologue picked out–from Neil Labute’s The Mercy Seat.  It’s edgy and wonderful and I really feel an affinity to it.  I’m a little nervous about performing such an edgy piece, but I really think it’s important to do something you really like.  I chose to pieces I loved for my last audition, and they were the best ones I’ve done at the school so far.  Coincidence?  I think not! So now I just have to decide on my second one…which is easier said than done.  I could do a Shakespeare for contrast, but that might be not the best choice, as we are only doing one Shakespeare show next season.  Something oriented a little to The Importance of Being Ernest could be a good choice…but then again, they tell you to not worry about directing your piece to a certain show.  And this is why I’m worrying about auditions a month and four days ahead of time. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Today is to be spent doing wonderful homework (lies. It’s all horrible.) and listening to Christmas music.  Don’t judge me.  48 degrees outside equals holidays in my book.

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