5 Things…

I think this is going to be my new Friday tradition…a quick little post with five things that randomly pop into my mind about the coming weekend, or the week following.


1) Tonight is Revenge night with Shelby.  We’ve been planning a proper girl’s night all week, complete with pizza, wine, and ice cream.  Plus that wildly addictive ABC show, Revenge, that she’s gotten me hooked on.  I don’t really watch much TV, but since it comes on after my old standby favorite Once Upon a Time (don’t judge me) I might actually be able to do this one!

2) Two show saturday! Our school puts up so many productions–last year’s count was around 54?–you sometimes have to see three or four in one weekend! Beautiful insanity.  I’m going to make a double feature of it tomorrow and go to see Betrayal by Harold Pinter and Wait Until Dark byFrederick Knott.  Should be a jam.

3) BE COSY! This is probably what I’m most excited about…time to sleep in, enjoy my cup of coffee and a book in the morning.  The weather is supposed to be really chilly (yay!) and rainy (bummer!).  I cannot wait to go play outside when it’s cold…but it might be a curl up on a couch kind of weekend.

4) Get my hair cut! I have insanely curly hair…I mean, it’s like Merida in Brave level.  But not as long.  Or red.  At all.  Anyway.  When I don’t cut it for awhile it goes a bit insane and tangly on me.  So though I love how long it is, it’s time to shed a few inches and regain my sanity in the battle with frizz and tangles.  Hopefully it’ll be cute! I have this recurring fear that they’re going to chop it all off and I will cry.Please ignore the ridiculous face, and note the hair. Long. Curly. Insanity.

5) Sending my Birthday List to my mom 🙂 It’s a little bit crazy to think about how those change over the years…I have never been a greedy person on birthdays or Christmas, but I love making present lists.  When I was little they were usually multi-paged and contained such gems as “A white Arabian horse” or “trip to London and Paris over Spring Break”.  Now it’s basically half a page of practical stuff that I really need and can’t bear to spend my own money on.  This year the front runners are Aveda hair creme (how can they charge you an arm and a leg for that stuff? And what’s the magic behind it working so well?? Curse you, salon-style hair care treatments!), new boots (I just sewed one of mine back together.  Literally.), and The Five Year Engagement on DVD.  Because really, who doesn’t need more Jason Segel and Emily Blunt in their lives?


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