It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Autumn…

…and I could not be more excited! My absolute favorite season in the whole world.  Well…actually the season between the first of October till New Years was made for me.  I absolutely adore it. But these first couple of cool, crisp days–there is nothing better.  I am so ready to sit outside with a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latter (with whip, of course) and a great book and just let the world pass by me on the quad! Today (and the next few days) are supposed to be really rainy, so I guess I’ll have to wait a little bit for that.  I also really just want to play touch football.  Is that weird? It’s probably weird, given my extreme lack of coordination and skill at sports.  But OH WELL. It will be wonderful!

Also, shameless personal plug: October is my birthday month.  I am a HUGE gift giver.  I mean, huge. I start thinking about what to get people for Christmas in like July.  So it stands to reason that I get veeeery curious about what my birthday present is going to be.  Especially from the Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy).  Sometimes it’s just so fascinating to see what guys pick out! But I pretty much love everything as long as a little thought went into it.  Not a hard girl to please.



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