Ugh. Bummer. Being sick at school is just so, so sucky.  I started getting weird lung pains that made it hard to breathe on Saturday, in addition to just that general, I feel like death cold feeling.  So Sunday was spent bopping from various (closed) urgent cares to the ER, where I spent 5 hours getting poked and prodded and was finally told that I just have a virus. Stellar. Virus is code in my world for “We can’t give you any medicine, so your life is gonna suck for the next week or two.  Happy travels!”  The thing I need is sleep, rest, and lots of fluids, but the most I can do is guzzle down water and try to snatch 20 minute naps.  My program here is very intense, and missing one day of class can drop your grade a whole letter grade, or put you so far behind that you’ll be struggling to catch up all semester.  I’m trying to take it slow, but many of the classes are very physically intense and its hard to do much in them. Sigh. 

Surprisingly, with all this, I’m actually feeling pretty positive.  I feel like I’m starting to get my stress under control a little, I figured out where I was going with a huuuuuge presentation I have to do next week, and I am keeping up to date (for the most part) on my school work. I need to put a little bit more focus into my auditions which are coming up in a little more than a month (eek) but other than that, life is okay! 

Also…The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) will be visiting in just a little more than two weeks.  Be still my heart. I actually can’t wait.

Okay you can look again, the icky love stuff is over.  I hope you all are feeling better than I am!  Let’s all send some good vibes out to the universe, yeah?

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