A Day in the Life

I was just thinking about how crazy different my day is compared to most college students.  I thought I’d map it out for you.  This is a Tuesday, which is my most acting-heavy day.

8:00 am: Wake up.  Consider falling back asleep.  Bargain with myself about what I can give up (ie, “five more minutes of sleep equals drinking only half a cup of coffee”).

8:05 am (approx.): Finally drag myself out of bed and to the shower. Shower. Deal with the crazy curly insanity that is my hair.

8:20 am: choose my outfit.  Most days, this is some super exciting form of black spandex sports wear.  Interesting oddity of my life: I have to wear all black for every acting class I take.  This promotes company bonding, and a blank canvas to work off of.  It also promotes my pawing through my (now extensive) black wardrobe collection to find what I want.  

8:30 am: Eat breakfast and drink coffee while trying to wake myself up by watching the morning show.  Realize I have 10 minutes to finish getting ready and run to the bathroom to fix hair again, slap a little makeup on, pack my bag, and run out the door.

9:30 am: Acting III: Improv.  Love this class. We have an amazing ensemble, and it is just so much fun to play with them.  Today, we did Improv scenes…and people actually laughed at mine! Sorry.  Vanity moment. But yay I don’t suck!

10:45 am: Class ends and I drag my butt to the gym for a thirty minute run and some very light upper body lifting.  I’m working my way into it.  Going to the gym sucks, but I’ve finally decided I am going to do it every day, darn it.  No more cheating for this girl.

11:50 am: Get back to my room.  Rush around trying to figure out if I need to change.  Grab what I need for my classes and run out the door.

12:00 pm: Work! Usually it’s secretary stuff plus homework time.  I leave at some point to get lunch, which I either go in and sneak out of the cafeteria (sorry.  I just have to have hot food sometimes!) or get out of the to go line…not a fan.

2:30 pm: Stage Management!! My favorite class for sure.  It caters to my semi-obsessive list making skills.

3:45 pm: Rush downstairs to begin warming up for Vocal Production, which is kind of like a workout class for your voice.  Start stretching and making really weird noises.

4:00 pm: Vocal Prod begins.  This class freaks me out, which is great! You gotta risk to succeed.  Most days I leave feeling like I failed, but I am always getting better.

5:15 pm: Class is over for the day.  I look around plaintively for someone to go to the caf with cause I’m usually starving.  

5:30 pm: typical caf dinner time.  In times of rehearsal, I’ll get a to go meal and scarf it down in my room while packing my rehearsal bag so I can be there by 6:00 or 6:30

6:30 pm: Right now, this is prime do stuff/homework time.  Somehow I’m already busy, without rehearsal! Craziness. Starting mid-October, this time will be occupied by rehearsals till 10:30 pretty much every night.

11:00 pm: Decide I should probably sleep.  Turn off the lights and stare at the ceiling.

12:00 am: Actually fall asleep! Sometimes…


There you have it!  I spend a LOT of my time running around.  And probably more time in class collectively than most “regular” college kids…I’m currently taking 18 hours, which is a little more than average at OCU, but is apparently unheard of at state schools.  Them’s the breaks.  


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