The Last Audition…till november

Had another audition last night (in the words of my boyfriend aka Navy Boy: “The madness never ends!”).  This one is actually one of my favorites–Out of the Box! We have this amazing organization that puts up student produced, chosen, directed, whatever plays with absolutely no budget.  There is therefore no set, minimal props, and costumes from the actors’ closets…and yet these plays were some of my favorites last year.  There’s just something so incredible about watching people craft a whole world for themselves that in reality contains a table and a couple of chairs.  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! I want to produce theatre like that.  I want people to be fascinated just by what me and my partners are putting out there.  As one of my professors would say, “You just rip yourself open and bleh *mimes dumping heart and insides all over your scene partner*!!!” graphic, certainly.  But that is captivating theatre!  

Anyway.  Getting off my high horse.  The auditions were a little different then usual.  First, you’re auditioning for your peers.  Which is a weird vibe in and of itself.  Second, they had us come in in groups of ten, and perform our one minute selections in front of each other.  Some people absolutely hate this style; others love it.  I’ve grown to be pretty meh about it.  Last year I would have been intimidated, but this time I chose to just focus in on myself, and appreciate the other’s work for its own individualistic merit.  No matter how good I do, I will never be another actress–so why make comparisons and aspire to be just like her?  So I sat in my chair looking at my hands while about four people performed, just trying to get in the zone and focus in on the feeling of my piece.

The monologue I did really needs a running start, which can be kind of difficult to get in this environment–you’re so rushed, you have so little time, that it’s very easy to just word vomit and sit back down thinking “What the hell did I just say??”  So after I introduced myself I took a nice deep breath, focused on my “other” (the imaginary person you’re directing the monologue to–in this case, my best friend from back home), and let ‘er rip.  And felt really good!

It’s such an amazing feeling when you perform well in this setting.  I always get this big post-audition high: I feel accomplished; I feel like I gave them a minute of the absolute best “Lauren” that I could put forward.  It’s all about getting past the point of being perfect or just right for what they’re looking for (because honestly, if they want a 5’8″ model looking blonde, I am totally screwed).  It’s about putting forward your best work, and really making a moment.  A one minute long play in which you are both director and star.  I really loved it, and found out today I got a callback for The Shape of Things…which I now need to go read.  Woops. 


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