Money Makes the World Go Around

Ah, college.  A time to have fun.  A time to learn.  A time to spend $100 at Walmart on a couple of sticks of gum and some coffee.  I’m exaggerating, obviously, but it has been a very difficult lesson for me to learn these past few years.  I  have been raised to value the money I make, and spending as much money as I do in a month here makes me panicky.  I work during the school year, and make enough to cover my basic expenses…but add in a few sundry items, and I am looking at a negative balance in my bank account.  This issue is at the forefront of my mind right now because I will be making two large investments in the next two days: 1) purchasing some presents for my new sorority little sisters (I’ll explain later!) and 2) plane tickets to sunny California.

 If you’re not Greek, you might not know that we take on incoming freshman as our “Little”, in a kind of mentorship program.  In our house, we give them crafty gifts, a family sweatshirt–little things to make them included.  These add up, however, and I am a giver.  I would rather give a present than get one any day.  The plane tickets are also for my benefit.  I’ll be going out to California to see my boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) for my birthday.  And who knew how much freaking plane tickets cost??? I honestly cannot believe that by clicking a button, I will be saying goodbye to between $300 and $400 dollars.  It’s totally worth it…but still. Moments of panic.

Due to all of the crazy stress that these financial matters are causing me, I have decided to start a budget.  I’ve given it the name

The Super Awesome Budget Plan of 2012!

So it doesn’t suck as much.  Basically, this is how it works:

$100 a month to groceries (we shall see how this goes…my coffee addiction is expensive y’all!)

$100 to personal fun stuff (dinner, movies, cupcakes, fro yo…all good things in moderation! Depressing.)

This will come out of the money I make at my on campus job, with hopefully a little left over for savings.  All the other necessary purchases–ie, those crazy plane tickets and some Little gifts–will come out of the nest egg of savings I made by working my butt off for 40 hours a week this summer.


So that’s the plan.  Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you updated for how this goes.  I’m going to try really hard not to gripe about how sucky it is to turn down cupcakes so I can afford groceries.  We shall see.  Let me know if you have any great money saving tips!


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